Do I need a tool to set your eyelets?

All of our metal eyelets and most of our plastic eyelets require a tool to set them. We stock relatively inexpensive hand tools for most of the eyelets on our web shop (https://shop.dtpsupplies.com/Products/hand-closing-tools). The Langard plastic eyelets (https://shop.dtpsupplies.com/Products/plastic/12mm-langard-eyelet-washer-black/7012MMEYEP0019) clip together and are available in 12mm and 19mm. If you would like more advice don't hesiate to get in touch with us.


Will your eyelets rust?

The majority of our eyelets are made from brass or plastic and will not rust but may tarnish when exposed the the atmosphere. Using nickel plated eyelets will slow this process down. Those eyelets that are made from steel will rust eventually especially if allowed to get wet or the finish is damaged and this is clearly shown in the product description.

I have a machine from another manufacturer. Looking at your eyelet sizes, it seems like they would fit my existing machine and dies. Do they really?

Possibly. Though different manufacturers’ size numbers indicate that they may be the same, in fact their shapes can be different. The eyelet and tool should match each other perfectly, we are happy to send samples for you to test. If the test is unsuccesful we can make tools to suit a wide variety of machines so that you can use our eyelets.